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'La policía ESPAÑOLA' Fake Alert

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Computer users around the world have been infected by a ransomware Trojan that displays a fake message from the Spanish police. This scam is similar to the Die offizielle Mitteilung des Bundeskriminalamtes and METROPOLITANPOLICE Attention! Illegal activity was revealed! ransomware scams and is probably associated with the same group of criminals. Fake messages like the 'La policia ESPAÑOLA' message are known as ransomware, because they take a computer hostage and refuse to give the computer user control of the machine, until a certain ransom is paid. ESG security researchers advise against sending any money to the makers of the 'La policia ESPAÑOLA' message. A police organization does not operate in any way that is similar to these kinds of ransomware infections. The Trojan related to the 'La policia ESPAÑOLA' message is called Instead of paying the fake Spanish police, start up your computer in Safe Mode and remove with an anti-virus program or remove it manually by removing its registry entry and associated files.

Appearance of the 'La policia ESPAÑOLA' Message from the Fake Spanish Police

The 'La policia ESPAÑOLA' contains the crest of the Spanish police on the upper left corner. The message is in Spanish and it claims that your computer has been used for pornographic and spam email activities that are illegal in Germany. It will show you basic information like your IP address and the Internet Browser you use. The 'La policia ESPAÑOLA' message reads that you should pay a one-hundred euro fine if you wish to regain control of your computer system. Like the Bundespolizei and Metropolitan Police messages, 'La policia ESPAÑOLA' asks that you wire this money through UKash, a money transfer service similar to PayPal or Western Union. In the lower-left corner, the 'La policia ESPAÑOLA' message shows typical locations in Spain, where you can wire money through UKash (such as the post office or the telephone company). The 'La policia ESPAÑOLA' also displays a fake email for the Spanish police, associated with a Yahoo mail account. Some variations of the 'La policia ESPAÑOLA' message claim that all of the information on your computer will be deleted within 24 hours, unless the one-hundred euro fine is paid. ESG malware analysts suggest that you disregard this threat; the 'La policia ESPAÑOLA' message has no way of deleting your files or tracking your Internet activity. This malware threat is nothing more than an annoying message that prevents you from accessing your desktop.

File System Details

'La policía ESPAÑOLA' Fake Alert may create the following file(s):
# File Name Detections

Registry Details

'La policía ESPAÑOLA' Fake Alert may create the following registry entry or registry entries:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\"Shell" = "[SET OF RANDOM CHARACTERS].exe"


The following messages associated with 'La policía ESPAÑOLA' Fake Alert were found:

Atención!!! Ha sido detectada actividas ilegal! Su sistema operativo ha sido bloqueado debido a una infracción de la legislación alemana!


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