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LANDSLIDE Ransomware

So far, the LANDSLIDE Ransomware appears to be somewhat unique as it has not been classified as a part of any of the pre-existing ransomware families. The threat operates as a typical representative of this type of malware, though. Its main goal is to successfully infiltrate the targeted computer and then initiate an encryption process involving a powerful cryptographic algorithm. As a result, users will be completely locked out of either accessing or using their own private or work-related files.

The LANDSLIDE Ransomware follows a complex pattern when it comes to renaming the files it encrypts. The treat first slaps an email address belonging to the hackers, followed by a unique ID assigned to the victim in the front of the file's original name. In addition, '.LANDSLIDE' will be appended as a new file extension. The email address used in naming the files is '' The ransom note containing the instructions from the hackers is delivered in two forms - as a text file named '#ReadThis.TXT' and as a file named '#ReadThis.HTA.'

The note specifies that the ransom must be paid using Bitcoin. In addition, users are instructed to initiate contact by sending a message to the same email address found in the names of the encrypted files - '' If there is no answer within 24 hours, the alternative email should be used. Victims of the LANDSLIDE Ransomware are allowed to attach a single file between 100 and 200 KB in size to be decrypted for free.

The full set of instructions delivered by the LANDSLIDE Ransomware is:

'Your SERVER/COMPUTER is encrypted by us !_

Hello Admin/Guest!

[ENCRYPTER] => All your data is encrypted by us ..

[ENCRYPTER] => Your Server Unique ID : [-]

[ENCRYPTER] => Do you want to decrypt your data?

[ENCRYPTER] => To trust us, first send us a 100-200 KB file,

we will decrypt it to build trust for you.

[AFTERTRUST] => What should you do after building trust?



All your data is encrypted,

If your data is important and you want to decrypt it,

You must pay the bitcoin amount set by us,

Send a message to our emails first, after pricing, us and your trust,

Do a Google search to buy bitcoins,

For example: "Buy bitcoins in rubles".

After purchasing Bitcoin, you must

transfer the Bitcoin to our wallet,

After payment, the decryption tool will be sent to you

along with how to execute it properly


ENCRYPTER@server ~ $ To contact us, first send a message to our first email.

[FiRsT Email:]

ENCRYPTER@server # If your email is not answered after 24 hours, our email may be blocked.

So send a message to our second email.

[SeCoNd email:]

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