Description is yet another deceiving website that tries to scare users into downloading and installing a promoted application. This is a popular scheme that is typically targeted at Mac and iPhone users. The hoax page is designed to appear as if it is a legitimate security warning coming from Apple. However, in reality, all of its claims are fake and should be ignored completely.

The fearmongering tactics of begin with the site stating that the user's iPhone is infected with an unspecified Trojan threat. Furthermore, the device, apparently, has already sustained 17% of damage. If the non-existent threat is not addressed, the hoax page warns that the information on the device, such as photos, accounts, payment data, etc. could be accessed by third parties. To fix the security issue, the shady site offers a promoted application conveniently. 

Typically, programs that rely on such deceptive tactics for their promotion are little more than PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs). PUPs are designed to perform numerous intrusive actions on the device. Users should keep that in mind when encountering hoax sites such as