Laddleoser is a browser extension that could be presented to users as a helpful tool to have as part of their browser of choice. Unfortunately, one of the primary objectives of Laddleoser is to generate revenue for its creators, via the delivery of various unwanted and intrusive advertisements. This behavior classifies the application as being part of the adware category.

Users are likely to experience a significant increase in the advertisements encountered while browsing. Most adware applications are capable of injecting unrelated advertisements into the sites visited by users, in an attempt to add legitimacy to their promotions. However, approaching such advertisements should still be accompanied by a heavy dose of caution. The advertisements could promote questionable destinations, such as phishing pages, shady online gambling or gaming platforms, fake giveaways, or other online tactics. In addition, interacting with the advertisements could trigger redirects to other, equally shady websites.

What users also should keep in mind, is that a significant portion of PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) are equipped with data-tracking routines. These applications could silently spy on the browsing activities carried out on the device and then upload the captured data to a server controlled by their operators.


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