Description is a fake search engine that relies on underhanded tactics to trick users into visiting and using it. As most fake engines of this type, this includes the use of browser hijacker applications. In this case, infosec researchers have noticed that is being spread by a fake Google Translate browser extension. 

Activating the extension will result in the settings of the user's Web browser being modified forcibly. More specifically, the browser hijacker will change the homepage, new tab page, and the default search engine to open the address of the fake engine. Subsequently, any time that the affected browser is opened, a new tab is started, or a search is conducted in the URL bar, it would immediately result in a redirect to the fake engine. To protect itself and the unwanted modifications it has made to the Chrome browser, the browser hijacker will exploit the legitimate 'managed by your organization' feature. 

Besides the sheer annoyance brought on by this PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program), users should be warned that their browsing activities might be tracked. PUPs are known for having data-collection functionality notoriously. They might harvest the entire browsing history, search history, and all clicked URLs in addition to numerous device details. This risky behavior should be enough to consider removing any PUP present on your system as soon as possible.