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KillDisk-Dimens Ransomware

By GoldSparrow in Ransomware

The KillDisk-Dimens Ransomware is a Trojan that is being used to target banks and other organizations in the financial market in Latin America. Computer users should install a strong security program that is fully up-to-date and capable of detecting and removing the KillDisk-Dimens Ransomware infections. The KillDisk-Dimens Ransomware infection itself is part of a larger attack, usually a component of another Trojan or rootkit infection. The KillDisk-Dimens Ransomware can be a serious threat to the victims' data, and computer users are advised to take precautions against this threat.

The KillDisk-Dimens Ransomware Targets Individuals Instead of Institutions

The KillDisk-Dimens Ransomware in an earlier variant, together with a malware threat known as BlackEnergy, was part of high-profile attacks in Ukraine in late 2015. These attacks targeted institutions in the energy, banking, rail and mining sector. The KillDisk-Dimens Ransomware's most recent versions seem to be used to extort computer users, usually with a ransom note demanding that the victims pay a ransom amount to recover their files. However, the people responsible for the KillDisk-Dimens Ransomware attack have no way of helping victims recover the files encrypted or deleted by the KillDisk-Dimens Ransomware attack. Encryption keys or files are not stored anywhere or delivered to anyone so that the files corrupted or deleted by the KillDisk-Dimens Ransomware attack are lost irreversibly, regardless of the cybercrooks' claims.

How the KillDisk-Dimens Ransomware Infection Works

A different Trojan may deliver the KillDisk-Dimens Ransomware. There are many ways in which this can happen, and there are various delivery methods, which may include hacking into the targeted computer and installing the KillDisk-Dimens Ransomware or other Trojans manually. The KillDisk-Dimens Ransomware also may be delivered via threats contained in corrupted advertising, false file downloads and spam email attachments. Computer users should be educated to detect and prevent these distribution methods, which are associated with numerous other threats. The KillDisk-Dimens Ransomware scans the infected computer's drives and will delete all files except those in the following folders:

Program Files
Program Files (x86)
Recovery (case-sensitive check)
System Volume Information

The KillDisk-Dimens Ransomware will rename all files before deleting them randomly. The KillDisk-Dimens Ransomware will overwrite various records on the infected hard drives, with the clear intention of deleting the victim's files and making the affected hard drive unusable completely. The KillDisk-Dimens Ransomware will shut down the infected computer and attempt to force the affected computer to reboot to finish its attack. The KillDisk-Dimens Ransomware is highly destructive, and it is important that organizations and computer users establish protections against the KillDisk-Dimens Ransomware and similar high-profile threats.

Protecting Data and Computers from Threats Like the KillDisk-Dimens Ransomware

Computer users and organizations are counseled to install all security patches and remove any possible vulnerabilities from their software and networks. The data should be backed up on the cloud or on an external memory device regularly to make sure that the files can be recovered after an attack. It also is important to establish strict controls over who can access sensitive information and computers, as well as monitor the network activity actively to intercept attacks like the KillDisk-Dimens Ransomware before they occur. One of the surest methods to prevent the KillDisk-Dimens Ransomware attacks, as with most threats, is to have strong security software that is fully up-to-date active at all times on the infected computer. A combination of strong anti-virus software, security measures, education, and active monitoring can help prevent the KillDisk-Dimens Ransomware attacks. Having file backups that are updated and stored on a secure location regularly can help computer users and companies limit the extent of the damage of a KillDisk-Dimens Ransomware attack in case that it manages to bypass security protections on targeted computers.


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