Junesmile.xyz is practically identical to all the countless other hoax websites whose core functionality is to deliver questionable content to users. By accessing and analyzing the IP address of visitors, Junesmile.xyz is capable of determining their geolocation. Depending on the outcome, the site can proceed to show dubious content on its own page or open several other questionable websites, instead. In addition, users also will be subjected to a popular browser-based tactic.

By pretending to be carrying out a CAPTCHA check for bots, Junesmile.xyz tries to bait users into subscribing to its push notification services via the 'Allow' button. Users are presented with an image containing a robot that is accompanied by the following messages:

'Press Allow to confirm

I am not a robot. Click on Allow to confirm you are not a robot.' 

By following the instructions, users will grant broad browser permissions to the website. Junesmile.xyz will then abuse its fraudulently acquired privileges to deliver even more questionable content as part of an intrusive advertising campaign.

It should be noted that users rarely land of pages such as Junesmily.xyz on their own. It is far more likely that they were brought there by a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) that is lurking inside the computer. It is recommended to run a thorough scan of the device with a professional anti-malware product and to remove all suspicious applications that it detects.


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