Threat Database Worms JS.Phremous


By LoneStar in Worms

JS.Phremous is a malignant PC worm that copies itself to removable drives and network shares. Once JS.Phremous is executed, it creates the particular files. JS.Phremous also creates the specific file on all drives that incorporates removable drives and network shares. JS.Phremous creates .lnk files for every folder placed in the specific locations. JS.Phremous also covers the certain folders. JS.Phremous disguises itself inside a .html file and can be launched in lots of ways. For example, if JS.Phremous is manually launched with Internet Explorer, it attempts to move the IE window outside of the usual view of the screen, so that the victim user is not able to see any web page. However, the taskbar will still illustrate a linked to IE opened window. The infectious shortcuts the malware threat generates start JS.Phremous in such a way that no linked window is set on the Windows taskbar nor are any visible windows generated that the victim can see. Remove JS.Phremous to keep your computer safe and clean.

SpyHunter Detects & Remove JS.Phremous

File System Details

JS.Phremous creates the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detections
1. %UserProfile%\Start Menu\Programas\M0rPheS.tpl N/A
2. %UserProfile%\Desktop\M0rPheS.tpl N/A
3. %UserProfile%\My Documents\[FOLDER NAME].lnk N/A
4. %DriveLetter%\[FOLDER NAME].lnk N/A
5. %UserProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\M0rPheS.tpl N/A
6. %UserProfile%\Start Menu\M0rPheS.tpl N/A
7. %UserProfile%\Start Menu\Programas\[FOLDER NAME].lnk N/A
8. %UserProfile%\Desktop\[FOLDER NAME].lnk N/A
9. %DriveLetter%\M0rPheS.tpl N/A
10. %UserProfile%\My Documents\M0rPheS.tpl N/A
11. %UserProfile%\Start Menu\[FOLDER NAME].lnk N/A
12. %UserProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\[FOLDER NAME].lnk N/A
13. M0rPheuS.tpl 36037cf295b07683012fdcf3be32bd3f 0
14. M0rPheuS.hta c6c72304ceada1f27353b55a776b8ae1 0
15. M0rPheuS.tpl cdb38d3ea1614488acfc4e740d452538 0


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