Jsecoin is a service used for mining cryptocurrency via the Web browser. This is achieved by injecting code written in JavaScript into the targeted website. Not all Web pages, which take advantage of this service are ill-intended, sometimes genuine websites use this feature, but the difference is that legitimate pages never fail to inform the user that their system will be used to mine cryptocurrency. However, there are rogue websites, which will not present the user with any notification. In the case of the cryptocurrency that is being mined is Monero. Visitors to websites, which have been injected with Jsecoin will have large amounts of their processing power used for mining Monero automatically. Often, such shady Web pages will make sure to use up as much processing power as possible with no regard for the user and their system. Such activity often leads to performance issues as other running processes may not have enough processing power to run as efficiently as they are intended to.

Bears Similarities to the CoinHive Cryptojacker

The Jsecoin miner is not a ground-breaking campaign. In fact, this miner is quite similar to another miner, which gained popularity in 2018 the CoinHive Cryptojacking. Both the CoinHive Cryptojacker and the Jsecoin miner use very similar sets of code written in JavaScript. Of course, all the mined Monero will be sent to the wallets of the operators of the Jsecoin miner. Sometimes cyber crooks who have managed to infiltrate a website once may return later and plant a miner like Jsecoin since they already know how to compromise the server. This way, all users who visit the page in question will have their system hijacked for mining cryptocurrency while the operators of the miner will be filling their pockets with cash.

It would appear that the Jsecoin miner has been injected into websites that are popular in the United States, India, Canada and Nigeria. Thankfully, the Jsecoin miner operates fully through the Web browser and does not inject any files into your system. Once you leave the Jsecoin miner planted website, the mining activity will cease immediately.

Make sure to avoid Web pages hosting dodgy content and make sure you download and install a legitimate anti-virus solution that will keep your computer safe going forward.


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