Users who encounter the website should be careful. The website is not created to provide them with any meaningful content. Instead, it serves as a platform for running various online tactics. Furthermore, it is extremely unlikely for anyone to open the site intentionally, as most users will be taken to by forced redirects. Usually, such redirects occur due to visiting sites with rogue advertising networks or having intrusive PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) present on the computer or device. could change the tactics it runs, based on the incoming IP addresses or geolocation of its visitors. Some users could see a variation of the 'You've visited illegal infected site.' This scheme usually exploits the name, brand, and logo of a reputable company, such as McAfee or Norton as a way to make its fake security alerts appear more legitimate. Users also may be presented with the results of a completely fabricated threat scan. When dealing with such dubious warnings presented by random pages, users should remember that no reputable company will have a connection to it and no website is capable of scanning their devices on its own. 

Alternatively, has been seen showing clickbait messages, in an attempt to lure users into enabling its push notifications. The site tells its visitors that they have won an enticing reward, such as an iPhone X. However, to claim the supposed prize, they must click on the displayed 'Allow' button. Of course, there is no prize and all that users will achieve by following the instructions is to grant important browser permissions to the dubious page. Afterward, will be able to deliver numerous annoying advertisements to the user's device with the advertisements likely promoting additional unsafe destinations, more fake giveaways, platforms spreading PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs), etc. 


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