Threat Database Malware JAVA_JACKSBOT.A


By JubileeX in Malware

Threat Scorecard

Threat Level: 80 % (High)
Infected Computers: 14
First Seen: November 1, 2012
Last Seen: January 13, 2021
OS(es) Affected: Windows

JAVA_JACKSBOT.A is a dangerous JavaScript backdoor Trojan with plenty of nasty components that have caught the attention of PC security researchers. Although, initially, JAVA_JACKSBOT.A was thought to be a relatively low risk malware infection, ESG security researchers have observed that the JAVA_JACKSBOT.A infection is starting to becoming more widespread than initially thought and that JAVA_JACKSBOT.A has some components that were not apparent at first. This is considerably more alarming when one considers that the JAVA_JACKSBOT.A Trojan is a cross-platform malware infection, meaning that JAVA_JACKSBOT.A can affect computers with diverse operating systems such as Mac OS X and the various versions of Windows. This is due to the fact that the Java RunTime Environment is used in several different operating systems and that the JAVA_JACKSBOT.A is created to exploit several versions of Java.

The JAVA_JACKSBOT.A Trojan belongs to the JACKSBOT family of Trojan infections, usually infecting a computer in the form of a Java application. Since no actual infections in the wild had been detected by ESG security researchers, JAVA_JACKSBOT.A was initially considered to be a low risk threat Neverthtless, ESG malware analysts have noted that the JAVA_JACKSBOT.A infection is starting to appear in the wild after infections by Malaysia and Australia. This means that there is reason to believe that the JAVA_JACKSBOT.A infection is not being distributed and is spreading via social engineering tactics.

How JAVA_JACKSBOT.A is Used to Attack a Computer

The JAVA_JACKSBOT.A Trojan is distributed as a mod for the popular computer game Minecraft (a sandbox environment that computer users can use to build impressive virtual worlds and structures). In fact, one of the most curious aspects of the JAVA_JACKSBOT.A infection is that JAVA_JACKSBOT.A responds to the command 'MC' which can be used to steal Minecraft passwords. One of the most worrying aspects of JAVA_JACKSBOT.A is its RAT component (Remote Access Trojan). Once JAVA_JACKSBOT.A has infected a computer, criminals can issue commands that allow JAVA_JACKSBOT.A to carry out several malicious tasks on the infected computer. Some of these malicious tasks include displaying messages on the infected computer, corrupting files, deleting files, stealing files, taking screenshots, shutting down processes, listing file processes, causing the infected computer's web browser to connect to a specific website and restart or shut down the infected computer. Most importantly, JAVA_JACKSBOT.A can track keystrokes and mouse movements and send this information to a remote party, making JAVA_JACKSBOT.A an effective tool for spying and stealing sensitive information.

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File System Details

JAVA_JACKSBOT.A may create the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detections
1. file.jar 0c19e3d68c08d4bf547db0f003295c84 0


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