Jailbreak Description

Jailbreak (Trojan.MacOS.Jailbreak) pretends to be a normal jailbreaking software for Mac that would allow users to remove restrictions imposed by Apple and install on their devices software that is not available through the official Apple Store. In fact, Jailbreak Trojan is a very harmful tool whose main objective is to capture keystrokes on Mac systems and steal banking information; therefore, it should be removed immediately after being detected.

There are two ways that cybercriminals can use to infect devices with Jailbreak Trojan. One possibility is to exploit zero-day vulnerabilities and install exploit kits into running web services and sites. That would subsequently allow them to load the Trojan on the target machine. The second method involves social engineering techniques through which users are tricked into downloading files infected with Jailbreak Trojan. The malicious scripts can be embedded in fraudulent websites, landing pages, phishing emails, or file-sharing networks.

As soon as Jailbreak Trojan infects a Mac system, it runs a proxy web server so that it can track all the network traffic and identify which browsers are currently in use. It is able to fetch most of the popular browsers, including Edge, Mozilla Firefox. Google Chrome, and Opera. This malware has advanced functions that allow it to reconfigure legit websites of online shops and commercial banks and display a fake copycat page through which it then collects the sensitive data that the user inserts.

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