'Jagmocutiong.com' Pop-Up Scam

'Jagmocutiong.com' Pop-Up Scam Description

The 'Jagmocutiong.com' pop-up scam is run by a dubious website. The page targets mostly iPhone users, but also could be accessed via other Apple devices. Its goal is to display fake and outrageous claims designed to scare users into downloading a promoted application, which is almost always a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program). 

After landing on the 'Jagmocutiong.com' pop-up scam's page, users will be presented with a fake system notification claiming that their personal information has been compromised and is being collected currently. In the background, a longer but nonetheless equally fake message will claim that an unknown third-party has gained access to the user's photos, 'messengers' and browsing history. The page will then push users into downloading a promoted application under the pretense that it is the best tool to deal with the non-existent situation. 

As we said, programs promoted through such deceptive means are usually nothing more than PUPs. Even if the application turns out to be a legitimate one, users should still go and download it from the official app store and not through some questionable website that was presented to them.