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JackSparrow Ransomware

The JackSparrow Ransomware is a brand-new data-encrypting Trojan. Some of the features present on the JackSparrow Ransomware resemble the ones belonging to another ransomware Trojan named Harma Ransomware Threats of this type are nasty to deal with, particularly, as they would encrypt all the user’s data and try to extort them. It is likely that the JackSparrow Ransomware is capable of encrypting a long list of file types to ensure maximum damage.

Propagation and Encryption

There are many different propagation methods that can be used to distribute a ransomware threat. One of the most popular ones is spam email campaigns. The targeted users will get an email in their inbox that would contain a bogus message attempting to convince them to open the attached file. However, the file is macro-laced and would compromise their systems immediately. Cybercriminals also can opt to use fake application updates, malvertising, torrent trackers and other infection vectors. The JackSparrow Ransomware will apply an encryption algorithm and lock down all the data on the infected host. The JackSparrow Ransomware adds a new extension to the filenames of the locked files – ‘.encrypted.’ However, instead of appending the new extension at the end of the filename, the creators of the JackSparrow Ransomware have opted to place it before the original extension. This means that a file called ‘marble-tiles.jpeg’ will be renamed to ‘marble-tiles.encrypted.jpeg.’

The Ransom Note

The ransom message of the attackers would appear in a new window named ‘JackSparrow.’ In the note, the creators of the JackSparrow Ransomware state that they would demand 100 Monero coins (approximately $8,600) as a ransom fee. The authors of the JackSparrow Ransomware demand to be contacted via email – ‘’

It is best to ignore the demands of the attackers. There is no guarantee that the cybercriminals will ever provide the decryption key the victims would need to recover their files. This is why you should invest a reputable anti-virus tool that will aid you in removing the JackSparrow Ransomware from your computer. You also can try to recover some of the lost data using a third-party file-recovery application, but the results may not be satisfactory.


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