iStart Search Bar

iStart Search Bar is a browser hijacker application designed to target Windows users. It can take control of all of the most popular Web browsers and force them to open a specific promoted address. This is achieved by modifying certain browser settings - mainly the homepage, new page tab and the default search engine. Whenever the user simply opens the browser, conducts a search, or starts a new tab, it would immediately result in artificial traffic benign generated for the promoted address. While the browser hijacker is present on the system, users will be prevented from restoring the browser settings to their normal states.

Browser hijackers usually cause redirects to fake search engines that cannot produce search results on their own. Instead, they either go to a legitimate search engine or initiate redirect chains that open several fake engines before landing on a legitimate one. Users should keep in mind that results provided through such fake engines could have promoted advertisements injected into them. The advertisements might not even match the search criteria.

Browser hijackers are known for spying on the user's browsing activities. They are likely to access the search history, visited websites, clicked URLs, obtain the IP address, geolocation and ISP (Internet Service Provider).


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