IRP Hook Rootkit Trojan

IRP Hook Rootkit Trojan Description

Type: Trojan

Trojans that use rootkit techniques, such as the IRP Hook Rootkit Trojan, are among the most dangerous malware infections in existence. Because of the extent of the depth of the infection, some of these are nearly impossible to remove without compromising your operating system's integrity. The IRP Hook Rootkit Trojan uses methods that allow IRP Hook Rootkit Trojan to avoid being detected or removed. By corrupting essential system files and Windows drivers, the IRP Hook Rootkit Trojan becomes very difficult to detect due to the fact that these files will often not be scanned by anti-malware software. Most of the time, the IRP Hook Rootkit Trojan will display no symptoms and is used to hide other malware on the infected computer. If your anti-malware software is detecting an IRP Hook Rootkit Trojan, this may mean that you have a corrupted driver file. ESG security researchers note that removing the IRP Hook Rootkit Trojan will often require the use of a specialized anti-rootkit tool or an advanced anti-malware program with an integrated anti-rootkit solution.

How the IRP Hook Rootkit Trojan Infection Works

Although rootkits such as the IRP Hook Rootkit Trojan cannot be detected directly by most security programs, they still cause a certain pattern of symptoms that can make it possible to detect their presence. However, this can also mean a certain number of false positives due to the indirect method of detection that most security programs use. ESG malware analysts consider that the severity of a rootkit infection is so huge that the change of a false positive is well worth it in order to prevent becoming infected with the IRP Hook Rootkit Trojan and other Trojans with rootkit capabilities. Due to the fact that the IRP Hook Rootkit Trojan infects Windows drivers, computers with the Mac OSX or Linux-based operating systems are safe from an IRP Hook Rootkit Trojan infection. Vulnerable operating systems include Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Dealing with a IRP Hook Rootkit Trojan Infection

Normal anti-malware programs will not be able to remove the IRP Hook Rootkit Trojan. These kinds of infections require the use of an advanced anti-malware solution that has specific measures for dealing with rootkits. PC security researchers recommend the use of specialized anti-rootkit software. Some symptoms associated with the IRP Hook Rootkit Trojan that computer users have reported include very poor system performance and extremely slow start-up and shut-down times.

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  • Charles Kelly:

    I am running AVG free. An AVG scan detects 9 IRP hook threats but can not quarantine/remove them.
    Will your SpyHunter repair download remove those threats??

    • GoldSparrow:

      Yes, SpyHunter can detect and remove the threat. Also, our HelpDesk is available in case you have any issues with removal or tech issues with the process. The Spyware HelpDesk gives you access to our techs to assist with the issue.