iPhone Calendar Events Spam

iPhone Calendar Events Spam Description

iPhone users worldwide have been complaining about a certain issue they have been having recently. It is called iPhone Calendar Events Spam, and it is a problem that many users are experiencing. The targeted user will begin getting notifications for events in their Calendar app, which they never set. The Calendar app events show up unannounced and prompt users to click on the link they provide them with – ‘Important-notice.com.’ This might mislead some users into clicking on the link that will redirect them to a dodgy page.

The ‘Important-notice.com’ website is a shady page that you should not trust. If you are receiving iPhone Calendar Events Spam, it is likely that you have provided your iCloud email address to a dubious website. It is important to notice that the operators of the iPhone Calendar Events Spam do not need to collect your login credentials in order to bombard you with unwanted Calendar events notifications. They can set up automated events to show up in your Calendar application as long as they are in possession of your iCloud email address.

Third-party calendar applications will not be affected by the iPhone Calendar Events Spam. This is because the operators of this campaign only target the official Calendar application that is linked to your iCloud email address. Users who do not want to view the spam notifications every time they open their Calendar application can either use a third-party application or block the accounts associated with the iPhone Calendar Events Spam.