iPhone5GS Email Scam

iPhone5GS Email Scam Description

Cybercriminals are attacking Windows PC users by sending the malicious iPhone5GS scam email, which announces that the iPhone 5 GS has been released. If you receive an iPhone5GS rogue email and click on the link inside it, you will be urged to open a file called 'iphone5.gif.exe', which comes from the remote server named comiali.com. When the file is downloaded, it will install an IRC bot based on mIRC called Mal/Zapchas-A that will connect a compromised PC to a certain IRC server. Mal/Zapchas-A reads 'I wanna be a billionaire so frickin bad!'. If you open the infected file, your system files might be stolen or even deleted, and it may also lead you to cyberbullying. If you have received iPhone5GS malicious email, do not click on the link and download the infected file. Better remove a bogus iPhone5GS message from your inbox as soon as possible. If you have opened a corrupt file and installed Mal/Zapchas-A, use a legitimate anti-virus program to uninstall this infection.