Description is a fraudulent website that functions as a browser hijacker and targets iPhone users specifically, although it can be reached through any Apple device. The tactic's main goal is to peddle its promoted application by making fake and courageous claims designed to scare users into downloading it. In most cases, the promoted applications are either barely functional PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) that use such tactics as propagation vehicles or act as a delivery platform for serious malware threats.

When visitors land on the site, they are greeted by a fake alert that tries to incite panic immediately. The tactic states that it has detected an unspecified Trojan virus on the user's device. The malware has supposedly already managed to cause 17% damage to the device's memory, whatever that may mean. To make it seem as if users have little to no time to act, the tactic also claims that various sensitive data such as account credentials, photos, banking, and credit card details will be compromised and leaked to third-parties.

Nothing mentioned by the tactic should be considered even remotely true. In fact, users should always remember that no webpage can actually scan their devices for malware threats. The best action to take is simply closing the page of the tactic and then potentially using a reputable anti-malware solution to look for any adware applications lurking on the device. Adware applications are one of the primary reasons that users land on tactic pages such as