InteractiveSpeed Description

The InteractiveSpeed application is a Mac utility that may present itself as a tool that may increase the system’s productivity or boost the user’s browsing experience. However, the InteractiveSpeed application is an adware program that is likely to impact your browsing experience negatively.

The InteractiveSpeed utility is likely distributed via freeware bundles. Some users rush through the installation process and do not pay attention to what they agree to install. This is how adware often finds its way in users’ computers. Adware can prove to be very annoying, as its function is to inject advertisements on the websites that you visit. The advertisements may vary in shape and form. Users who have the InteractiveSpeed adware program on their Macs report that they would be displayed with large banners, flashing pop-up windows, various alerts, and notifications, hyperlinks in articles and text, etc. Such a large amount of advertisements is certain to distract users from the content of the websites they are visiting and thus decrease their browsing quality. Some of the advertisements are likely to promote unsafe products and low-quality services, so it is advisable to avoid interacting with them.

It is best to remove any adware that may be present on your Mac. You can use a reputable anti-virus solution to remove the InteractiveSpeed adware program from your Mac secure and quickly.