Threat Database Rogue Websites is a misleading website that tries to trick its visitors into enabling its push notification services. Doing so would give it broad permissions that the site would then abuse to run an intrusive advertising campaign, generating monetary gains for its creators in the process. The tactic itself is rather popular and there have already been countless websites put on the Internet with the sole purpose of running it.

The behavior of these sites is almost identical. The show one or choose from several fake scenarios that are then shown to the unsuspecting visitors. The most popular, by far, and the one used by is to pretend to conduct a CAPTCHA check for bots. The site displays an image containing a robot alongside messages similar to:

'I am not a robot. Click Allow to verify that you are not a robot

Click Allow to confirm'

Clicking the button subscribes the user to the push notifications of the site. Afterward, users will be subjected to an abnormal amount of unwanted advertisements that could appear as pop-ups, tabs opened without permissions, annoying notifications, and more. The content of the ads could be as treacherous as the site itself. Users could be lured with clickbait messages only to be taken to dubious third-party websites via forced redirects. There is no guarantee that users will not be taken to phishing pages, scam giveaways, domains promoting barely functional PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs), or even compromised websites spreading malware threats.


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