IntelRapid is a legitimate service/software offered by Intel, one of the biggest names in the tech field, and it is found on many computers that are using Intel's storage solutions. However, some users report an unknown suspicious activity on their systems, which is listed as 'IntelRapid.' After analyzing this peculiar occurrence, malware researchers found that the processes listed as 'IntelRapid' have nothing to do with the legitimate service and are linked to the activity of cybercriminals.

It would appear that the cyber crooks in question are distributing a cryptocurrency miner. Using the name of a genuine service like the IntelRapid tool is a commonly utilized technique. It is far less likely that the users will notice anything wrong when checking the running processes on their system if the threatening tool is using the name of a legitimate application. This way, the cryptocurrency miner planted on the victim's system may remain under the radar of the user and mine for prolonged periods. Despite the fact that cryptocurrency miners do not pose a threat to the security of your data, they are known to use a lot of computing power, which is likely to lead to the reduction of the lifespan of your computer.

Furthermore, you may notice that your system is working slower and likely overheating. This is all the result of a cryptocurrency miner working in the background. These side effects are likely going to be accompanied by a higher than usual electricity bill too.

The cybercriminals distributing this cryptocurrency miner are likely spreading it by disguising the threat as a video game hack, bogus application update, pirated media, etc. This is why malware researchers warn users against downloading pirated content or attempting to update their software via third-party websites. Make sure you download and install a genuine anti-malware application that will keep your system safe and your data secure.


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