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Instant Directions Search Description

The Instant Directions Search software product comes from a marketing company called Polarity Technologies Ltd. The Instant Directions Search software is aimed at PC users who explore the Internet using a Chromium-based browser such as Google Chrome and its alternatives (Vivaldi, SRWare Iron, Yandex Browser, etc.). The Instant Directions Search browser extension can be downloaded and installed from the Chrome Web Store, but most of the installations are achieved through free software bundles. The company behind Instant Directions Search is well known for sponsoring free software creators and monetizing free apps through paid search results. PC users who may have installed a free media player recently might find the Instant Directions Search extension installed to their browser as well. The Instant Directions Search extension is observed to require the following privileges in Chrome:

  • Read and change all your data on the websites you visit.
  • Replace the page you see when opening a new tab.
  • Manage your apps, extensions and themes.

The Instant Directions Search is promoted to deliver map services to your new tab page directly and include a powerful search service. Indeed, you can find links to popular map services from Google Inc. and Microsoft Corp. on the Instant Directions Search New Tab page. The new tab from Instant Directions Search includes a customized search engine by Yahoo that Web surfers are not given the opportunity to change if they choose to do so. Polarity Technologies Ltd benefits from ad publishers and the Yahoo advertisements platform to make money, and it needs to collect Internet usage data from Web surfers.

The Instant Directions Search extension is programmed to mage the default new tab for users, as well as add it to the list of available search engines in Chrome. The Instant Directions Search extension records the user’s activity on the Internet (the links you clicked, the time spent online and downloaded content) and your software configuration. Additionally, tracking cookies and Web beacons from various advertising publishers are downloaded to the computer. These tools allow Polarity and its partners to track your machine across pages on the Internet and deliver targeted commercials to your screen.

You can find the applicable erms of Use and Privacy Policy uploaded to h[tt]p://search.searchidd[.]com/Home/Terms and h[tt]p://search.searchidd[.]com/Home/Privacy. The Instant Directions Search is deemed as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) that is a clone of the Easy Driving Directions and Maps Driving Directions that were published by Polarity earlier. PC users may want to remove the Instant Directions Search app with help from a credible anti-spyware scanner.

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