Threat Database Browser Hijackers

Many low-level shady actors online choose to build dodgy websites that are used for the promotion of fake application updates. One of the most commonly pushed application updates are updates for the Adobe Flash Player. This trick is so popular because most regular users online would have the Adobe Flash Player installed on their system. While the majority of bogus application updates usually serve to promote the installation of PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs), some push more threatening software like Trojans.

It would appear that the operators of the website promote different applications periodically. Some visitors of the website report that they were asked to download and install a dodgy application meant to optimize their PC performance. Others state that the page pushed a dubious browser extension that spammed their Web browser with unwanted and irrelevant advertisements of shady products and services. One of the tricks used by the operators of the site is to convince the user that their page is hosting an engaging video that can only be viewed if the visitor installs the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player. Of course, the creators of the website have made sure to make the fake message look as legitimate as possible so that it would not raise any suspicion.

Dodgy websites displaying fake application updates is a trick that has been used for decades now, and users online seem to keep falling for it. Remember that installing any software from an untrustworthy source is a very unsafe game, as you may end up with something much worse than a mere PUP. If you want to update an application, we would advise you to only do so via the official website of the company that has developed the application. Trusting any other source may needlessly put the health of your system and security of your data in jeopardy.


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