Threat Database Malware Insecure.exe


By ZulaZuza in Malware

Insecure.exe is a malicious executable file associated with a fake security tool called Internet Security 2014. Insecure.exe is considered to be a security threat to a computer system. Insecure.exe may be installed on the corrupted PC via spam email links, infected multimedia downloads or peer-to-peer file exchange applications. Insecure.exe can lower the infected computer system's security and modify running processes in the Windows Registry. Once installed on the affected computer, Insecure.exe may automatically perform hazardous payloads at PC's startup by creating entries in the Windows Registry. Insecure.exe may grab the victim's private details and transfer thme to remote cybercriminals. Remove Insecure.exe from the corrupted PC with a decent anti-malware program.


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