INPIVX Ransomware

INPIVX Ransomware Description

The INPIVX Ransomware is a new and rather peculiar RaaS (Ransomware-as-a-Service) that appears to be distributed on the Deep Web. Most creators of RaaS tend to sell a ready to use threat and often require a fee in the shape of a percentage of the profit made by their clients using their service. However, the authors of the INPIVX Ransomware offer to sell the threat's source code for $500. They also claim to provide customer support for their clients so that they can help them set up the piece of malware to their liking. They also claim to provide their users with a manual regarding setting up the decryptor, administrator dashboard and payload. Thanks to this, it will not be impossible even for a person with no programming background to use this threat to its full potential.

The clients who choose to buy the INPIVX Ransomware will have to set up their own infrastructure to use this RaaS successfully, meaning that they have to set up a Command and Control server, as there is not one that comes with the INPIVX Ransomware. The creators of this RaaS provide screenshots, which show a fully set up version of the INPIVX Ransomware, which presents a dashboard showing all the information that the client may need – paid ransom fees, number of encrypted files, the operating system of the infiltrated machine, etc. The users of the INPIVX Ransomware also can set up an automated decryption process once a victim pays the ransom fee.

With all the updates promised by the authors, there is a lot of potential in the INPIVX Ransomware despite it being a little more complex to use than your usual RaaS. It is not known whether this threat is decryptable or not, and users worldwide need to stay wary of the INPIVX Ransomware.

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