IndexerInput Description

IndexerInput is a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) that combines the capabilities of an adware application and a browser hijacker. IndexerInput is classified as a PUP due to the dubious marketing tactics it employs for its distribution. The most common methods are either through bundling where the installation of the PUP is hidden inside the install process of another more popular application or by the PUP pretending to be an installer or an updater for another program, in most cases, Adobe Flash.

The presence of IndexerInput on the user's device will result in various intrusive advertisements being generated as pop-up windows, overlays, banners, etc. Clicking on any of the advertisements delivered by such adware further increases the privacy risks by possibly taking the user to compromised or dubious third-party websites.

The browser hijacker functionality of IndexerInput is responsible for promoting and driving artificial traffic towards the sponsored fake search engines. The application determines which address to use based on the user's browser. On Safari, IndexerInput promotes, while on Chrome, it promotes The respective fake engine will be implanted in certain browser settings - mainly the homepage, new page tab, and the default search engine. As a result, whenever the user opens the affected Web browser, a tab inside it, or conducts a search query, it will generate traffic for the promoted address immediately. Furthermore, both of the search engines are fake, as they cannot produce search results on their own and rely on legitimate engines such as Yahoo, Bing and Google.

It is recommended to remove IndexerInput as soon as you notice any signs of its presence on your device. Keep in mind that most applications of this type also are equipped with various data-collecting capabilities. While some track and exfiltrate the user's browsing history, searches, IP address, and geolocation, others attempt to obtain information such as banking details.

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