Threat Database Browser Hijackers is the address of a fake search engine that is being promoted through a browser hijacker application. The PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) is called IncognitySearchly and operates as a typical browser hijacker - it targets the most popular Web browser to maximize its potential reach and takes control over certain settings. The goal is to generate as much artificial traffic towards the promoted address as possible. For this purpose, the affected settings usually are the homepage, new page tab and the default search engine. Afterward, whenever the user simply opens the browser, starts a new tab, or conducts a search in the URL tab, it would go to the fake search engine immediately. is indeed fake - it cannot produce any search results on its own. Instead, it takes the search query of the user and redirects it either to the legitimate engine or to a dubious one named While is capable of generating search results, these results are oftentimes inaccurate and may have links to dubious third-party websites injected among them.

Most browser hijackers also possess data-harvesting capabilities in some capacity. The typical cases limit themselves to tracking the user's browsing activities, such as accessing the search history, visited websites and clicked URLs. Some browser hijackers, however, dig deeper and obtain system details such as IP address, geolocation and ISP (Internet Service Provider). The most threatening browser hijackers also could attempt to breach sensitive banking or payment information, if such has been saved into the affected browser. 


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