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'' Pop-Ups

By GoldSparrow in Adware

Security experts warn users that experience pop-ups by that the promoted update to Adobe Flash Player is not a legitimate patch. You should note that the Google Safebrowsing diagnostics tool and other Web filters detect the domain as malicious. The domain is associated with adware that may have entered your PC as a browser plug-in embedded with a free program installer. The pop-ups by may offer users to accept and install the latest update to Adobe Flash Player but the site isn't affiliated with Adobe Systems Inc., and you may be invited to install harmful software. The fake update to Adobe Flash Player on may contain software like InSysSecure, iON Internet Security and HistoryKill that are rogue anti-spyware programs. The adware associated with may have edited your list with startup programs to launch with Windows every time your PC is booted. Additionally, the adware may slow down your Web browser and feature links to sites that may host exploit kits like RedKit and Angler. Exploit kits may be used by hackers to target vulnerabilities in your browser and installed plug-ins to achieve remote code execution and obtain control of computers. Therefore, you may want to install a reputable anti-malware suite that can eradicate the adware linked to and prevent security breaches.


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