Threat Database Adware 'IFC Global Development Funding Program' Email Scam

'IFC Global Development Funding Program' Email Scam

One of the newest email tactics is known as the 'IFC Global Development Funding Program' email scam. This fraudulent scheme has been around since the dawn of the Internet, and countless users have fallen victim to online schemes.

The Email Claims the User can Receive Up to $1,500,000

The 'IFC Global Development Funding Program' email scam appears to target users at random. The targeted users would receive an email stating that they are approved for a supposed fund as the message is titled 'IFC Fund Approved.' The con-artists go on to say that the users have been the lucky one selected from millions of others and they are eligible to receive a fund of up to $1,500,00 from a program called the 'IFC Global Development Funding Program.' Many users, even ones who may suspect something may not be right, might be tempted to follow the instructions of the con-artists as the sum promised to them is so large.

Keep in mind that if you receive an email stating that you have been selected to receive a large sum of money or a prize of high-value, it is most certainly a fraud. The con-men behind the 'IFC Global Development Funding Program'email scam state that the users need to pay a tax if they want to receive the fund in question. However, users who fall for this trickery and send the con-artists the money required will likely never be contacted again, let alone receive any sort of fund.

Despite email tactics being around for decades, there is still a large number of users who are likely to believe the con-men and fall in their trap. If something sounds too good to be true, it is likely that it will be. If you have received an email associated with the 'IFC Global Development Funding Program email scam, ignore its message and mark it as spam, so you do not happen upon the same fraudulent scheme again in the future.


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