Threat Database Adware is another hoax page that relies on clickbait tactics to trick users into subscribing to its push notification services. This particular browser-based tactic has been popular among the more unscrupulous people particularly and, as a result, the number of pages proliferating it is increasing almost daily. All of these con websites operate in a virtually identical manner.

They scan the incoming IP addresses and through them determine the specific geolocation of each user. Afterward, the site can adjust its behavior accordingly - it may cause redirects to other shady pages, display dubious content on its own, or show misleading alerts and warning messages to lure visitors into clicking the 'Allow' button. There are multiple deceptive scenarios employed by this misleading page. The displayed messages could imply that a CAPTCHA check needs to be passed, a file is now ready for download, or a video will become accessible:

'Click Allow to watch the video'

'Download is ready.'

'Press Allow to verify that you are not a robot'

By pressing the button, users will be subscribed to the page's push notifications unknowingly. In practice, this means that will now have the required browser permissions to start delivering intrusive advertising materials to the user's device. The advertisements could overlay any viewed content and impact the browsing experience severely. Furthermore, they may continue to appear even if the affected browser itself has been shut down. Users are advised to use caution as engaging with the presented advertisements could take them to more suspicious Websites.

Luckily, dealing with pages, such as, is typically not that difficult or time-consuming. All that you need to do is to revoke the permissions granted to the dubious site. Depending on the particular browser you are using, this can be achieved through the appropriate Settings menu ('Notifications,' 'Permissions,' or something similar).


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