Hunter Stealer

Hunter Stealer Description

Hunter Stealer is an infostealer threat created in the C++ programming language. Infosec researchers have observed the Hunter Stealer be offered for sale as a likely Malware-as-a-Service deal. With the promotional post for the threat being written in Russian entirely, it is more than likely that the intended clients also are from that country.

According to the advertising image for the threat, it is capable of harvesting a wide range of data. Apparently, the Hunter Stealer can access data from browser cookies, passwords, obtain cryptocurrency wallet addresses, and potentially credit card details. The Hunter Stealer also can intercept data from the browser's autofill forms. In addition, the Hunter Stealer can take arbitrary desktop screenshots.

The threat could potentially be capable of compromising several social media platforms such as the popular in Russia Telegram application and the voice-chat platform Discord. Details about the user's Steam sessions also could be tracked by the Hunter Killer. The creators of the threat state that any potential clients can manage it through Telegram entirely, with no need to log in on any additional sites.

The Hunter Killer is offered at two price ranges - 550RUB (around $7.30 for one month) or 4000RUB (around $53) for lifetime service.