HTML/Framer.FM Description

Type: Adware

HTML/Framer.FM is a kind of malicious website component that can be used to direct visitors' computers towards malicious websites that attempt to infect a computer with the help of known exploits. It is important to ensure that your anti-malware software and firewall are completely up to date and functioning at all times to ensure that they can prevent a HTML/Framer.FM assault on your computer. Most of the time, a HTML/Framer.FM attack will occur in the background and will display no obvious symptoms on the victim's computer. Apart from using a reliable anti-malware scanner, ESG security analysts also recommend staying away from websites generally considered to be unsafe. In very rare cases, a false positive HTML/Framer.FM detection will occur due to an unusual website layout or design. However, it is best to err on the side of caution and to not ignore these kinds of warnings from your anti-malware software.

Understanding a HTML/Framer.FM Assault on Your Web Browser

There are numerous kinds of HTML/Framer attacks, such as HTML/Framer.H and HTML/Framer.CP. A HTML/Framer.FM attack will often occur after criminals manage to add malicious code to otherwise harmless websites or on websites that have been explicitly set up to infect their visitors with malware. Most of the time, this second kind of infection will occur from phishing web sites, that is web pages that are designed to be identical to popular websites with a very slight difference in the website's address. Most of the time, a HTML/Framer.FM attack will have the objective of directing a victim to a website where other malware is installed on the victim's computer system or to phishing websites designed to steal private information.

Responding to a HTML/Framer.FM Warning

If your security software is indicating that you are being targeted with a HTML/Framer.FM attack, ESG security analysts recommend closing your web browser and scanning your hard drive with a competent anti-malware application. This should be done to guarantee that the HTML/Framer.FM threat is not the result of malware that is already installed on your machine. It is also done to make sure that the HTML/Framer.FM attack has not managed to install malware on your computer without your knowledge. Once you're certain that your PC is clean of malware, it is important to safeguard your online activity. Due to the fact that the HTML/Framer.FM threat is located on websites that you may potentially visit, it is important to be certain that the settings of your web browser security are high enough to prevent these kinds of exploits and that your web browser, operating system and anti-malware software are all fully updated.

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