HTKL_PWDUMP Description

Type: Adware

HTKL_PWDUMP is a dangerous hacking tool that allows criminals to obtain entry to your computer and to your personal data. Typically, HTKL_PWDUMP is disguised as an innocuous file and is downloaded from the Internet either as a malicious email attachment or bundled with other software as a malware component. HTKL_PWDUMP can also be installed by other malware, commonly referred to as Trojan droppers. HTKL_PWDUMP is used to steal Windows passwords. It does this by extracting data from essential system files stored on the infected computer.

HTKL_PWDUMP is contained in a malicious EXE file that typically occupies about 80 KB of disk space. HTKL_PWDUMP can often be downloaded from unsafe websites that attack a victim's computer in order to force it to download and install this malware infection. HTKL_PWDUMP will typically take over the libeay32 DLL file and use it as a way to infect the victim's computer.

Common Payloads of the HTKL_PWDUMP Attack

The main purpose of a HTKL_PWDUMP attack involves stealing passwords from the infected computer. Typically, HTKL_PWDUMP will cause the file passwords and system passwords in the command prompt screen. HTKL_PWDUMP can also be used to extract passwords from other files on the infected computer. This can allow HTKL_PWDUMP to steal password data for web browser and email clients installed on the victim's computer. Some variants of HTKL_PWDUMP have the ability to save the victim's passwords to a file which can then be sent to a third party, usually the criminals responsible for the HTKL_PWDUMP infection.

HTKL_PWDUMP Uses Hacked Adobe Certificates

One of the aspects of HTKL_PWDUMP that has caught the attention of PC security researchers worldwide is the fact that this dangerous malware threat uses Adobe certificates. These Adobe certificates supposedly let computer users know that their software has not been tampered with. However, Adobe systems released a statement revoking recent certificates due to several malware threats using these in their own attacks. The true danger of HTKL_PWDUMP being able to use certificates deemed as valid is that this can be used as a social engineering strategy to convince computer users that certain programs are not malicious and that it is safe to download and execute them, despite being dangerous hacking tools such as HTKL_PWDUMP.

Technical Information

File System Details

HTKL_PWDUMP creates the following file(s):
# File Name Detection Count
1 PwDump7.exe N/A
2 libeay32.dll N/A

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