Threat Database Spam HSBC Security Improvements

HSBC Security Improvements

By GoldSparrow in Spam

HSBC Security Improvements is a spam email that pretends to be from HSBC Bank informing you that your HSBC account is about to be suspended. The email will link to a malicious website that will attempt to try to trick you into revealing your login information. One hint that this email is a fraud is the fact that it will address you as "Dear Customer" and not by your name. There are also grammatical and spelling errors in the message. In addition neither HSBC Bank nor any other legitimate financial institution would request sensitive personal information in an email correspondence. The "HSBC Security Improvements" email will frighten you further by warning you that you must respond within 48 hours or your account will be suspended. If you receive the "HSBC Security Improvements" email do not respond or click on any links. Delete the email immediately. If you happen to click on the link, notify your bank at once. Your account may need to be closed to prevent financial loss and identity theft.


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