Threat Database Adware How to Stop 'about:blank' Pop-Ups

How to Stop 'about:blank' Pop-Ups

The 'about:blank' page is a legitimate part of nearly all Web browsers and certainly the most widely used by ones such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, etc. It is a built-in blank page and many users set it as their homepage to always start their browser with an empty page.

However, if your browser is being redirected to an 'about:blank' page constantly or you notice that it is coming up as unwanted pop-ups, it can be a symptom of adware or another PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program). These applications are spread via questionable methods designed to mask their installation from being noticed by the users specifically.

Once deployed on the computer or device, these PUPs can perform numerous intrusive actions that often include taking control over the users' Web browser and generating annoying advertisements or redirects to dubious pages. If the PUP is not configured properly or an anti-malware solution has failed to remove such an application completely, it may result in the browser opening numerous 'about:blank' pages.

If you notice that your browser is acting in a similar manner, you should try scanning the entire system with a professional security solution one more time. See if it detects any other suspicious items and let it remove them completely. Finally, go through your browser's settings and adjust them to suit your personal preferences.


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