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HoudRat Malware

By GoldSparrow in Malware

Malware researchers classify the HoudRat Malware as a worm and as a Remote Access Trojan (RAT). This malware has been designed by threat actors to perform various operations on a victim's computer remotely. Among HoudRat's functionalities are to execute commands, log keystrokes, shut down the computer, open webpages, download files, collect passwords, make screenshots and many others. Profound investigation of this RAT shows that it has been written in the freeware programming language AutoIt and that the .NET controller has been detected in HoudRat's Command & Control server. That last fact implies that this worm could be related to the cybercriminals who stay behind another famous worm named Retadup.

HoudRat's broad spectrum of data-harvesting features indicates that the attackers can use it to collect virtually any information kind. This means that victims of this RAT are exposed to security, privacy and financial issues. In addition to that, HoudRat can download and install other high-damage potential malware on their machines.

This RAT spreads through infected removable drives, like USB devices, yet the infection's initial source remains unknown. It could be other Trojans, fake software installation and updating tools, spam e-mail campaigns, corrupted advertisements, cracked software copies, and other channels that malware threats use to propagate themselves. Manual removal of HoudRat can be complicated for inexperienced users. Experts recommend an automated removal tool.


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