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By GoldSparrow in Browser Hijackers

The is promoted as the right place for PC users to start seeking open relationships and sexual services. The content of the domain is suited to males only. The domain hosts an online video chat platform that may allow males to chat with beautiful females and set up a date. It may sound interesting to users that do not associate romantic feelings with copulation, but you should know that you might lose a lot of money while chasing beautiful girls. The services offered on cost a pretty penny and many careless users report that they have become fraud victims. If that was not enough for you to avoid—it is associated with a browser hijacker. The browser hijacker is designed to load pop-up windows in the default browser of infected users and welcome them to chat with females. Security experts note that the browser hijacker may detect your approximate geographical location and display messages from aroused females that might live nearby. The pop-ups may invite users to subscribe to premium phone services and receive voice and text updates on their favorite females going online. The services on the platform may be free for the first three days, but users should read the small text. You might be surprised to know that your credit card may be charged hourly as long as you are a customer of Security experts add that the IP address of is associated with several cyber threats like AltBrowse and Virut. The browser hijacker may have entered your computer with a free program setup file and may appear as a video plug-in. The browser hijacker may use executable DLLs to remain undetected and may have edited your Windows Registry to run as a browser service. You need to use a reliable anti-malware utility to delete all components of the browser hijacker safely.


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