Win32.AltBrowse.HY Description

Type: Trojan

Win32.AltBrowse.HY is a detection of a variant of the OutBrowse software installer that is known to incorporate adware applications. Computer users that detected Win32.AltBrowse.HY on their system may experience numerous promotional materials such as banners, discounts, coupons and special offers in their web browser. Additionally, the Win32.AltBrowse.HY detection could be connected to the SavePass adware. The Win32.AltBrowse.HY security notification may appear after you install an adware powered browser extension that was part of a free application installer. Adware developers strive to install their apps on as many computers as possible in order to earn as pay-per-click revenue before their apps are blacklisted. As stated above, Win32.AltBrowse.HY is a variant of OutBrowse installer and can read your browsing history, bookmarks and use HTTP and session cookies to personalize the advertisements presented to you. Security applications can detect DLL and EXE files, registry keys and cookies as Win32.AltBrowse.HY that are part of an adware powered browser extension. Computer users may find it difficult to remove all binaries associated with Win32.AltBrowse.HY manually and you may wish to use a credible anti-spyware solution to purge Win32.AltBrowse.HY from your PC.

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