Hotbar Adware

Hotbar Adware Description

Hotbar Adware is potentially unwanted advertising software. Hotbar Adware can be used to enhance or personalize your internet and email application. Hotbar Adware adds graphical skins to toolbars for Internet Explorer, Microsoft Outlook as well as Outlook Express. Additionally, Hotbar Adware monitors users' internet activities and then it displays pop-up ads or button-like advertisements according to that information. Hotbar Adware can automatically update itself by connecting to its website without your approval. The updates may include new functionality that can by-pass security or privacy protection programs putting your confidential information at risk of being accessed and used for malicious deeds.

Aliases: W32/SPNR.0BCP13!tr [Fortinet], Adware.Win32.180Solutions.AMN (A), Adware/Hotbar.A.1221 [AntiVir], TROJ_SPNR.0BCP13, Artemis!A92F3018CC2C [McAfee], Application.Generic.494490, Gen:Adware.Heur.qu0@RaDnOsei (B), Adware/Agent.274944.3 [AntiVir], TROJ_GEN.RCBCDKL, Gen:Adware.Heur.qu0@RaDnOsei, Trojan.Win32.Generic.126942E5, Adware.HotBar.742704, Gen:Adware.Heur.Tm1@RO3Zq3e (B), Riskware.Adware!xLNIZuHEjDU and W32/Suspicious_Gen2.GRAMA.

Technical Information

File System Details

Hotbar Adware creates the following file(s):
# File Name Size MD5 Detection Count
1 %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\cheerychickenSA\bin\\cheerychickenSA.exe 760,832 5bdcfdeee87b4323e2005f25c4ad0cfd 570
2 %LOCALAPPDATA%\appkikxSA\bin\\appkikxSA.exe 791,552 47b3cabd94c07f07c901dcdecaf3b925 340
3 %LOCALAPPDATA%\RavenBleuSA\bin\\RavenBleuSA.exe 782,848 4743992bab3c08ee2a3621a959e6daa8 124
4 %LOCALAPPDATA%\vidshakeSA\bin\\vidshakeSA.exe 745,984 68195663c8c175e0d8000ad0beebf581 54
5 %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\lukyluSA\bin\\lukyluSA.exe 759,808 af54d93f1469d5f0f8db8d848feed47a 41
6 %LOCALAPPDATA%\zManateeSA\bin\\zManateeSA.exe 747,520 e302e22f2207e4c6aeb1c15a86001732 24
7 %LOCALAPPDATA%\videotwisterSA\bin\\VideoTwisterSACB.exe 274,944 24305f098ddc36a74bbe3f2f78b179a3 21
8 %LOCALAPPDATA%\seeqdoSA\bin\\seeqdoSA.exe 760,320 75270dd12f44446e4b729cc877a38f26 19
9 %LOCALAPPDATA%\blueturtlegamesSA\bin\\blueturtlegamesSA.exe 741,888 12dd61cfc30222cfd2a184888a7ac2eb 18
10 %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\snappydeeSA\bin\\snappydeeSA.exe 760,320 01fdafb26eebc4b5a87459f160f6c507 17
11 %LOCALAPPDATA%\ZeeDipSA\bin\\ZeeDipSA.exe 757,760 1a61860cc93e32fe35c1d2576c7a6f65 7
12 %LOCALAPPDATA%\gamesleapSA\bin\\GamesLeapSACB.exe 274,944 84e2e1e838a9241a38f0281a677e87c0 6
13 %PROGRAMFILES(x86)%\FREEzeFrog\bin\1.0.663.0\FREEzeFrogSA.exe 1,148,928 5f1cf902b18c7f3895a6af2b45a7e817 5
14 %USERPROFILE%\Bureau\garde c\VLCSetup.exe 210,584 e80c09f9d860bf1f067c86203289c032 5
15 %LOCALAPPDATA%\KangoBoxSA\bin\\KangoBoxSA.exe 741,888 51429f3c8630d11a405bcf34696e2294 5
16 %LOCALAPPDATA%\blueturtlegamesSA\bin\\BlueTurtleGamesSACB.exe 264,704 22f2a3ef9f8083e0b697aae6fb73ca61 2
17 %SystemDrive%\Users\nikki\AppData\Local\MossySkySA\bin\\MossySkySA.exe 740,864 674df9308a749b68fb403334816e4e3d 2
18 %LOCALAPPDATA%\LhootSA\bin\\LhootSA.exe 740,352 63aa4c4388a3d3b979f6214435a82f9b 2
19 %LOCALAPPDATA%\cheerychickenSA\bin\\CheeryChickenSACB.exe 271,360 fdc8f05190b57abedc02990ef1d7e4f0 2
20 %PROGRAMFILES%\Zango\bin\\Srv.exe 472,328 d3d5c5f0ef7156796e90429aa63e61c2 1
21 %TEMP%\~nsu.tmp\Au_.exe 153,176 bf94f0ba383388653a7c791950c85d1e 1
22 %TEMP%_te1AD.exe 662,281 a9cb620e4374c4e19b629ccb3d9c0432 1
23 %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\vidshakeSA\bin\\VidShakeSACB.exe 274,944 c66ed83993d3c94921d805a252a19c16 1
More files

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