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Hoaxcalls Botnet

By GoldSparrow in Botnets

The Hoaxcalls Botnet project is an operation that has attracted the attention of cybersecurity experts. Researchers have been studying the activity of the Hoaxcalls Botnet for several months to learn more about this campaign.

In one of their latest operations, the cyber crooks behind the Hoaxcalls Botnet appear to have utilized an exploit known as ZyXEL Cloud CNM SecuManager. This exploit was uncovered about one month ago. The ZyXEL Cloud CNM SecuManager exploit allows the attackers to launch a remote shell on the infected system. This recently discovered exploit goes a long way to help cybercriminals in their nefarious hacking campaigns. According to researchers, thanks to this exploit, the operators of the Hoaxcalls Botnet have been able to expand the size of their project quickly.

So far, the operators of the Hoaxcalls Botnet have not used it to launch any significant attacks. However, according to malware analysts, the purpose of this botnet is to launch large-scale DDoS (Distributed-Denial-of-Service) attacks against specific targets. Some of the botnet's modules support UDP, DNS and HEX floods. These capabilities would allow the Hoaxcalls Botnet to interrupt and obstruct the activity of countless systems around the globe. The main targets of the Hoaxcalls Botnet are IoT (Internet-of-Things) devices. With the growing popularity of 'smart' devices, more and more cyber crooks target poorly secured IoT devices for various harmful reasons. In their latest campaign, the operators of the Hoaxcalls Botnet have been targeting routers produced by the ZyXEL company. As we mentioned, they have managed to make good use of the ZyXEL exploit to hijack numerous routers. In some of their past campaigns, the cybercriminals behind the Hoaxcalls Botnet also have targeted DVR systems, routers and several devices.

Despite the ZyXEL vulnerability being public knowledge, the company is yet to patch this exploit. This is not the right approach, as this puts many of their customers at risk. The best way to avoid falling victim to cybercriminals like the operators of the Hoaxcalls Botnet is to update the software of all of your IoT devices regularly. Also, use strong passwords to protect your devices and your data.


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