Hisurnhuh.com is yet another rogue website designed with the sole purpose of delivering questionable content to users. Hisurnhuh.com joins the ranks of the other countless virtually identical websites that have already been put on the Internet. The exact behavior of Hisurnhuh.com is based on the visitor's geolocation. By analyzing the IP address, the site ascertains the geolocation and proceeds to either display dubious content by itself or open other additional deceptive pages.

Furthermore, hoax websites such as Hisurnhuh.com also try to lure users into subscribing to their push notification services. If successful, the site will receive broad browser permissions that it will then exploit to run an intrusive advertising campaign on the affected device. The most popular scheme is to ask the users to prove they are human by clicking the 'Allow' button under the pretense of conducting a CAPTCHA check for bots. However, Hisurnhuh.com employs a different tactic. 

Users who land on the site will be met by a clickbait survey that supposedly must be completed to access the real content on the page. Of course, this is just a ploy to get the user to click the aforementioned 'Allow' button by claiming that doing so is the only way to see the results of the survey.

Landing on dubious pages such as Hisurnhuh.com is most likely caused by a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) that has manages to install itself without getting noticed by the user. It is recommended to scan the system with a professional anti-malware product for any suspicious applications. 


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