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HawkEye Keylogger

By GoldSparrow in Keyloggers

Threat Scorecard

Threat Level: 80 % (High)
Infected Computers: 105
First Seen: March 23, 2016
Last Seen: August 15, 2020
OS(es) Affected: Windows

The HawkEye Keylogger is a budget-friendly keylogger for wannabe spies that want to start their career in illegal surveillance with limited funds. That is how the HawkEye Keylogger is promoted on its 'official' YouTube channel and Twitter page. What is more, users that are interested in buying the HawkEye Keylogger can use a discount of 10% from

Researchers alert that the HawkEye Keylogger may be delivered to potential victims via spam mail and run on the infected system as WindowsUpdate.exe. Antivirus vendors classify the HawkEye Keylogger as a threat and work with law enforcement authorities to limit the distribution of the HawkEye Keylogger and its sales. Experts report that the HawkEye Keylogger can be installed on PCs via compromised remote desktop connections as well and is designed to run within the AppData directory. The HawkEye Keylogger is not what you would call a sophisticated keylogger typically, but it has the basic functionality of one. The HawkEye Keylogger works as a server cl8ient and can run in the system background as long as the infected PC is running.

The HawkEye Keylogger supports various types of connections and may withdraw information from major Web browsers, email managers, and instant messaging clients. Experts note that the HawkEye Keylogger may support:

  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP); POP3; IMAP; SMTP; HTTP.
  • Web Panels.
  • Email clients like Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Google Talk, IncrediMail and Fox Mail.
  • Browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, SeaMoneky, SRWare Iron and Mozilla Firefox.
  • Apps like Windows Credential Messenger, FileZilla, Valve's Steam platform and screen capturing programs.
  • Instant messaging clients like Skype, MSN Messenger, Pidgin, Miranda and PalTakScene.

The HawkEye Keylogger can collect data from the victim's clipboard when the user uses the copy and paste commands. When a computer is infected with the HawkEye Keylogger, the program will send a transmission to its 'Command and Control' server via FTP, which includes the keyboard layout, local data and time, IP and MAC address, OS type and network type. The HawkEye Keylogger may not be as complex as the KeyBase Keylogger, but it can record the user's input in TXT, DOC and DOCX files directly. The HawkEye Keylogger stores the collected data in the main executable instead of using an encrypted vault. The collected information is encoded when being sent only. The HawkEye Keylogger can be detected easily due to its poor coding and lack of effort to remain stealthy. We advise users to seek the help of a credible anti-spyware tool to make sure that the HawkEye Keylogger is removed from their machines and boost their defenses against similar apps.

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File System Details

HawkEye Keylogger creates the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detections
1. file.exe 378d167482247b7967f719c7af35f08e 0
2. file.exe e338403c456b97df7dfabe075486c5c2 0
3. file.exe c96e50d83bd43bd8604914bc2e9929c1 0
4. file.exe f788bc62f5be5a1f411e0b78d0b563c1 0
5. file.exe bc3a8007ebba1fc7c08c1974285abcfa 0
6. file.exe 09d910627ba09e3626271ec8f620bb33 0
7. file.exe 996dc047d99cd08f9d79e018044f8bbd 0
8. file.exe 1d1b67738f38949d8a7b3a7369d9a953 0
9. file.exe 9ddf06e5ed81b26f88acfe0cdea258c6 0
10. 59e255e597dc584a20009385367cc85e 59e255e597dc584a20009385367cc85e 0
11. 904b5c28b1c01b2d68db22619bc4f681 904b5c28b1c01b2d68db22619bc4f681 0


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