Hauhitec Ransomware

Hauhitec Ransomware Description

Infosec researchers classify the Hauhitec malware threat as ransomware. This means that it poses a significant danger to the victim's computers. Indeed, ransomware threats are designed to employ a strong encryption algorithm to lock most of the files stored on the breached devices. Documents, PDFs, archives, databases, and more can be locked and thus rendered inaccessible and unusable. Restoration of the data affected by ransomware threats is rarely possible without paying a ransom to the hackers and then receiving the required decryption key.

The Hauhitec Ransomware is not an exception. It appends the '.hauhitec' extension to the original names of the targeted files. Afterward, a ransom note will be delivered to the infected system. The ransom-demanding message will be placed in a newly created text file named 'RESTORE_FILES_INFO.txt.'

Hauhitec Ransomware's Demands

The ransom note states clearly that if the hackers are to assist their victims, they must be paid a ransom. The exact sum is not mentioned in the note but victims are instructed that the money must be transferred using the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Affected users also are warned against relying on data-recovery companies, as this could lead to further money loss. To receive further details on how to make the ransom payment, victims are directed towards messaging the provided email address at 'yourdataok@tutanota.com.' The note ends with more warnings.

The entire set of instructions delivered by Hauhitec Ransomware is:

'What Happen to my computer?

Your important files are encrypted. Many of your documents, photos, passwords, databases and other files are no longer accessible because they have been encrypted. Maybe you are busy looking for way to recover your files , but do not waste your time. Nobody can recover your files without our decryption KEY (if somebody will tell that they can do it, they will also contact me and I will make the price so much expensive than if you contact directly).



Can i Recover My Files?

Sure. We guarantee that you can recover all your files safely and easily But You have not so enough time . So If you want to decrypt all your data, you need to pay .As fast you pay as fast all of your data will be back as before encryption.

Send e-mail to this address: yourdataok@tutanota.com

You have to pay for decryption in Bitcoins.


Do not rename encrypted files.

Do not try to decrypt your data using third party software, it may cause permanent data loss.

Decryption of your files with the help of third parties may cause increased price (they add their fee to our) or you can become a victim of a scam.

If you want to try datarecovery company just ask for testfile.They have to give it for you if they can do something.

They will not.'