Threat Database Adware '' Pop-Ups

'' Pop-Ups

By GoldSparrow in Adware

The domain is linked to an adware application that may arrive on your PC embedded with a freeware bundle and start showing pop-up windows in your Web browser. The pop-ups by may have dynamic content and offer users to download and install essential software like sound, camera and video drivers. Additionally, the pop-ups may suggest users to install updates to their Adobe Flash Player and Java software, but the domain is not associated with Adobe Systems, Inc. and Oracle Technology Network. Computer users that experience pop-up messages by are not advised to download software from this website because they risk installing harmful programs that may render their PCs unusable and encrypt their data, as seen with TorrentLocker and CryptoFortress. The pop-ups may be caused by an adware application running in your system's background. The adware linked to may use runtime DLLs to show pop-ups in Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Security experts remind users always install patches and updates to their installed programs from their official websites and legitimate update modules. The pop-ups by may feature logos from AV vendors, but the domain should not be trusted. The adware linked to may have placed its files in the Temp folder and not appear in your extension manager. You need to use a renowned anti-malware tool to find and delete the adware.


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