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HARDBIT Ransomware

The HARDBIT Ransomware threat targets the data of its victims and leaves it in a completely unusable state. Like with most threats of this type, restoration of the data without assistance from the threat actors, mainly providing the correct decryption keys, is likely to be practically impossible. Victims will notice that they can no longer access the vast majority of the documents, images, archives, databases, audio and video files, etc., on the infected devices. Furthermore, each impacted file will have its original name changed to a significant degree.

Indeed, the HARDBIT Ransomware will first create an ID string for the particular victims and add it to the names of the encrypted files. Then, the threat will append the '' email address. Finally, '.hardbit' will be included in the name as a new file extension. Next, the threat will proceed to deliver a ransom note with instructions for its victims. In fact, the HARDBIT Ransomware will deliver three different ransom-demanding messages to the breached devices.

The shortest message will be displayed as a new desktop background. It mainly states that the operators of the threat are running a double-extortion operation. The image tells victims that their data has been collected and could potentially be sold on the Dark Web to any interested parties. One of the other ransom-demanding notes will be shown in a pop-up window created from a file named 'Help_me_for_Decrypt.hta.' The message reiterates that the hackers have exfiltrated important information that is now in their possession. However, this note reveals that to initiate contact with the cybercriminals, victims must message the specified TOX messenger account. The attackers threaten that if two days pass without receiving a message, the size of the demanded ransom will be doubled.

The ransom note found inside the 'How To Restore Your Files.txt' text file provides the most important details by far. It states that the attackers will only accept payments in Bitcoin. It also provides two email addresses - '' and ',' as alternative communication channels. The hackers also mention that they are supposedly willing to decrypt two simple files for free.

The ransom note displayed as a pop-up window is:



All your files have been encrypted due to a security problem with your PC.
If you want to restore them, please send your ID for us

Our contact information is written in file (HOW TO RESTORE YOUR FILES).
Please read this file carefully so as not to make a mistake.
You have to 48 hours(2 Days) To contact or paying us After that, you have to Pay Double.
We need your ID and your ID is written below the help file
Please do not touch the Key written under the help file in any way, otherwise the consequences will be with you

Introducing TOX messengers

You can download and install TOX message from this link hxxps://
Our ID in TOX: 77A904360EA7D74268E7A4F316865F1703D 2D7A6AF28C9ECFACED69CD09C8610FF2C728E6A33.
We are ready to answer your questions!
If you have information about the company and its servers, share with us in TOX and receive a share from us when they pay. Don't worry, your identity will remain hidden.

Is there a guarantee for decryption after payment?
Before paying you can send us up to 2 test files for free decryption. The total size of files must be less than 1Mb (non archived), and files should not contain valuable information. (databases,backups, large excel sheets, etc.)

DO NOT trust anyone except the email and the TOX ID that is in the help file, otherwise we will not be responsible for the consequences.
DO NOT rename encrypted files.
DO NOT try to decrypt or manipulate the files yourself.
Do Not contact intermediary companies. They don't do anything special, they just message us and give us money and get the key, but if our price was $50,000, they will charge $70,000 from you.
Do not pay any money for the test file.
Before manipulating the files, be sure to make a backup of them, otherwise it is your responsibility.

The message delivered to the victims in a text file is:

_ _ _ _ | | ( )| || _ \ ( _ \ ( _ \ ()( ) | || || () || () )| | ) || () )| | | | | || _ || / | | | || _ ( | | | | | | | || | | || |\ \ | |) || () )| | | | () |||| |||| ()(/ (___/ || ||


what happened?
All your files have been stolen and then encrypted. But don't worry, everything is safe and will be returned to you.

How can I get my files back?

You have to pay us to get the files back. We don't have bank or paypal accounts, you only have to pay us via Bitcoin.

How can I buy bitcoins?
You can buy bitcoins from all reputable sites in the world and send them to us. Just search how to buy bitcoins on the internet. Our suggestion is these sites.


What is your guarantee to restore files?
Its just a business. We absolutely do not care about you and your deals, except getting benefits. If we do not do our work and liabilities - nobody will cooperate with us. Its not in our interests.
To check the ability of returning files, you can send to us any 2 files with SIMPLE extensions(jpg,xls,doc, etc… not databases!) and low sizes(max 1 mb), we will decrypt them and send back to you.

That is our guarantee.

How to contact with you?

You can contact us by email:>><;<

How will the payment process be after payment?

After payment, we will send you the decryption tool along with the guide and we will be with you until the last file is decrypted.

What happens if I don't pay you?
If you don't pay us, you will never have access to your files because the private key is only in our hands. This transaction is not important to us,
but it is important to you, because not only do you not have access to your files, but you also lose time. And the more time passes, the more you will lose and

If you do not pay the ransom, we will attack your company again in the future.

What are your recommendations?

Never change the name of the files, if you want to manipulate the files, make sure you make a backup of them. If there is a problem with the files, we are not responsible for it.

Never work with intermediary companies, because they charge more money from you. For example, if we ask you for 50,000 dollars, they will tell you 55,000 dollars. Don't be afraid of us, just call us.

Very important! For those who have cyber insurance against ransomware attacks.
Insurance companies require you to keep your insurance information secret, this is to never pay the maximum amount specified in the contract or to pay nothing at all, disrupting negotiations.
The insurance company will try to derail negotiations in any way they can so that they can later argue that you will be denied coverage because your insurance does not cover the ransom amount.
For example your company is insured for 10 million dollars, while negotiating with your insurance agent about the ransom he will offer us the lowest possible amount, for example 100 thousand dollars,
we will refuse the paltry amount and ask for example the amount of 15 million dollars, the insurance agent will never offer us the top threshold of your insurance of 10 million dollars.
He will do anything to derail negotiations and refuse to pay us out completely and leave you alone with your problem. If you told us anonymously that your company was insured for $10 million and other
important details regarding insurance coverage, we would not demand more than $10 million in correspondence with the insurance agent. That way you would have avoided a leak and decrypted your information.
But since the sneaky insurance agent purposely negotiates so as not to pay for the insurance claim, only the insurance company wins in this situation. To avoid all this and get the money on the insurance,
be sure to inform us anonymously about the availability and terms of insurance coverage, it benefits both you and us, but it does not benefit the insurance company. Poor multimillionaire insurers will not
starve and will not become poorer from the payment of the maximum amount specified in the contract, because everyone knows that the contract is more expensive than money, so let them fulfill the conditions
prescribed in your insurance contract, thanks to our interaction.

The instructions shown in the desktop background image are:

Don't worry, we will return all the files to you, you just need to contact us and send us your ID
Note that your files are stolen before encryption and if you don't contact us, we will sell them on the deep web and dark web.

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