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Happili.com is a search engine that is linked to the Trojan known as the Google Redirect Virus. However, the results on any Happili.com searches yield nothing but spam – results that are completely irrelevant to the computer user's search and that usually link to known online scams and websites containing dangerous content. Because of this, any contact with Happili.com should be treated as a potential exposure to malware and should be followed with a thorough scan of all hard drives with a reliable anti-malware application. If you are been forced to visit Happili.com repeatedly by your web browser, this is a sure symptom that your PC is infected with a browser hijacker Trojan. ESG security researchers recommend using a reliable anti-malware application with anti-rootkit technology to remove this malware infection from your computer system. Getting rid of the underlying Trojan causing them, the redirects to the Happili.com website should go away.

Symptoms of a Happili.com-Related Malware Infection

The Google Redirect Virus will often be associated with an extremely dangerous rootkit known as the ZeroAccess rootkit (the Google Redirect Virus is also often associated with the TDSS rootkit, but most cases of redirects to Happili.com stem from a ZeroAccess infection). This means that an infected computer system will often present severe problems apart from redirects to Happili.com. Some symptoms of a browser hijacker include the following:

  • One of the main signs of most Trojan infections on a computer system is a severe decrease in system performance. These kinds of malware threats do not play nice with your computer system, often conflicting with other programs and consuming an abnormally large amount of your system's resources. Because of this, an infected computer system will often become sluggish and crash frequently.
  • The Google Redirect Virus in particular affects how your computer system connects to the Internet, also altering the search results on any legitimate online search so that they link to Happili.com. An infected computer will often be quite slow when connecting to the Internet, with pages taking several minutes to load.
  • The main symptom of a browser hijacker infection is manifested in constant redirects to Happili.com or other websites. This happens in a number of ways. Apart from having your search results altered, you may find that your web browser's default search engine and homepage have been modified to Happili.com, as well as having links to Happili.com appearing interspersed with normal text while viewing web pages.

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This one is great information. It works for me

This isssue is mainly because of 3 virus.

1. Boot Sector Virus.

2. Trojan.ZeroAccess

3. One Dll file in the Start Up


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