Threat Database Rogue Websites appears to be an untrustworthy website that is primarily focused on running online tactics. The site has been observed to show its visitors a variation of the 'Your PC is infected with 5 viruses!' scheme, but it also could be capable of displaying other, deceptive and manipulative messages.

Typically, the operators of such online tactics aim to earn commission fees via affiliate programs. By using various fake security alerts and warnings, they will try to scare users into pressing a displayed button that will take them to an official page for a security tool. However, the shown page will have affiliate tags attached to it and when users complete a transaction, it would generate revenue for the fraudsters.

What makes these dubious, misleading websites so effective, is that they exploit the names, brands, logos, and interface designs of reputable computer security companies. For example, the fake alerts shown by are designed to appear as if they have been sent by McAfee, even though the company has no connection to the site. 

Users also should keep in mind that a common tactic used by untrustworthy pages is to pretend that they have concluded a threat scan of the visitor's device. The displayed results will include numerous issues and malware threats that have apparently been identified on the system. However, none of this is true, as no website is capable of such functionality on its own. The results are entirely fabricated and should be ignored completely. 


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