Threat Database Malware HackTool.Win32.VB.jz


By ZulaZuza in Malware

HackTool.Win32.VB.jz is one of the Windows illegitimate malicious applications, which may hijack system resources and slow down computer performance. HackTool.Win32.VB.jz will download files to the computer without user's consent, which will lead to security danger. Once your computer is corrupted by HackTool.Win32.VB.jz, you will constantly receive irritating pop-up advertisement while browsing web pages or you will be redirected to infected websites. HackTool.Win32.VB.jz may cause unauthorized access to personal information and hard drive data with a serious possibility of irretrievable data loss and unstable PC operating. HackTool.Win32.VB.jz is a serious threat for the computer system and needs to be removed instantly.

File System Details

HackTool.Win32.VB.jz may create the following file(s):
# File Name Detections
1. %PROGRAM_FILES%\HackTool.Win32.VB.jz
2. C:\Documents and Settings\\Start Menu\HackTool.Win32.VB.jz \
3. C:\Documents and Settings\\HackTool.Win32.VB.jz \

Registry Details

HackTool.Win32.VB.jz may create the following registry entry or registry entries:


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