has been confirmed to show dubious messages to its visitors, as well as propagate online tactics. More specifically, the site appears to be running a version of the 'Your PC is infected with 5 viruses!' scheme. Users are likely to be presented with numerous pop-up windows containing fake or misleading security alerts. The likely goal of the fraudsters is to earn illegitimate commission fees by tricking users into buying a subscription for a promoted software product.

It is vital to note that this particular tactic often exploits the names of reputable security vendors as a way to make its fake claims appear more real. The rogue websites may prominently display the logo, brand, and interface design of McAfee, Norton, etc., but these companies have absolutely no connection to these pages. In addition, users should not believe the claims that a threat scan has identified several, damaging malware threats on their devices. After all, no website is capable of such functionality on its own. 

Typically, rogue pages such as also may try to convince users into enabling their push notifications. These sites will then exploit the push notification browser feature to deliver untrustworthy and intrusive advertisements. Users could see advertisements for fake giveaways, shady online betting/gaming platforms, phishing tactics, etc.


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